German Election: Beck Again

Before anything else, the Federal Constitutional Court in fabulous Karlsruhe has ruled that publishing the election results from everywhere else before the delayed Dresden poll is indeed legal.

Minister-President of Rheinland-Pfalz, Kurt Beck, has done it again. This time he burst into the headlines by attacking the Greens. He told the Rheinische Merkur that the continuation of Red-Green was not the highest priority compared to making the SPD the biggest single party, and went on to say that in the event that a Red-Green government was impossible, he would prefer a grand coalition coloured red and black like a 1980s teenage boy’s bedroom. He further expressed pleasure that the SPD, apparently, was campaigning on an independent platform to the Greens.

For this he got a bollocking from Gerhard Schröder..

..which was not surprising, as Herr S had strongly denied any possibility of such a coalition in the all-in TV wrestling session with all party leaders held earlier in the week. But, you never know in these strange times…

Meanwhile, Reinhard Bütikofer, one of the Greens’ numerous leaders, was talking to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. He was at pains to warn his own supporters not to vote SPD precisely because of the risk of getting a grand coalition. He carefully ruled out the Ampelkoalition – saying that the FDP would have to completely reinvent itself – but carried out the now-familiar non-denial denial with regard to either Red-Even Redder-Green or Red-Green-(Even Redder But We’re Not Admitting They’re In Government), also known as the toleration model.

In the same paper, meanwhile, a reminder that the Green move into government really has achieved something: in the first half of 2005, renewables produced more of Germany’s energy needs than nuclear power.

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  1. Sorry to nitpick, but the court didn’t rule on the merits of the case — it only ruled that the application for a temporary injunction was inadmissible. But yes, for all practical purposes, the result is the same 🙂

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