Frelections: a little more

Wondering what I meant about Mélénchon performing Frenchness? L’Humanité does an in-depth interview, in which he says as much. If you read French, well worth reading the whole thing. Anyway, his take-home message is that the mission is now just to beat (even to eliminate) the Right.

Elsewhere, IFOP reckons 31% of FN voters are reverse-switchers, but then they were off by 2.5 on both MLP and JLM, and not too good on Sarko or Hollande either.

So far, Le Pen has won one département, the Gard, a mountainous, wild, Protestant former Communist fief down south, where she got 25.5% of the vote, with Sarkozy and Hollande on 24% each and Mélénchon on 13%.

Looking at the first few results from Paris, I get the impression Mélénchon’s campaign did poorly in the capital. This may just be because some districts haven’t reported yet, but he got scores around 13% in quite a few départements and he’s struggled to break 10% in Paris so far. Hollande got 43% in the 18th, for example.

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3 thoughts on “Frelections: a little more

  1. MLP did very well in the part of the Gard that is close to the sea, Catholic, impoverished and made up of large scale agriculture, not the mountaineous north of the department…

    Also, Paris is way too wealthy and Bobo these days to vote for Mélenchon…

  2. Ah. “where the east wind and the King’s men come from”:-)

    Hollande got knockouts in Paris – several districts were over 40%. JLM got his best score in the 19th, though.

  3. Here in Charente-Maritime le Pen had a strong following, with some Communes putting her at the top. She and Mélenchon hit the right spots with “les ouvriers”; but, at the vote, she was the winner over Mélenchon.

    So far as the Presidential election is concerned, it looks close – but Hollande should win. The real interest should be in the Assembly elections in June. Already local UMP members are putting out feelers towards the NF, seeking alliances. Pollsters (eg Harris) suggest NF could be present (in strength) in over half the constituencies and could win between 15 and 20 seats. This may not sound much but it means they would be granted official “Group” recognition and access to important funds. They could become an important irritant, at least.

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