Frederick the Great on Immigration and Religion

“All religions are just as good as each other, as long as the people who practice them are honest, and even if Turks and heathens came and wanted to populate this country, then we would build mosques and temples for them”(1)

As quoted in Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia 1600-1947, by Christopher Clark, pp. 252-3. It’s a good book, about which more anon.

(1) Clark cites Otto Bardong (ed.), Friedrich der Grosse (Darmstadt, 1982), p. 542.

3 thoughts on “Frederick the Great on Immigration and Religion

  1. This neglects to mention what would have happened to any preacher, mullah or shaman who told the king how to govern or told the public which of the king’s orders should be headed or ignored.

  2. just recommended this book for me (because I once bought Nancy Mitford’s Frederick the Great biography for my sweetie (Mitford also mentioned the mosques, as does Ludwig Reiners)) and I was wondering whether it would be worth buying. If you think so, it probably is.

  3. Wo agrees strongly with Oliver. Excellent observation. I would give you the credit if I reapeat it but we do not know each other and I do not know if this is your original thought. I suppose I can put the blog link in as tribute.

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