France and the United States

France needs to abandon its rejection of globalisation, right? Get with the programme? Join the war against terrorism? Or face simply becoming irrelevant? We’ve blogged plenty at AFOE about the bizarre notion that France and the United States are suddenly irreconcilable foes, but here is some definitive refutation. reports that the USS Enterprise had some French Dassault Rafales over to visit in the Mediterranean recently.

2 thoughts on “France and the United States

  1. I don’t think that France and USA irreconcilable foes, but there is many idelogies who make France (and most of country in the world) and USA very different.

    a) Neo classical ideology, small government. Even the right in France is not interested by these ideas.
    b) Evangelism : On most of societal issues we are very different.
    c) Neo-cons (less important seems to be declining).

    For me since the collapse of Soviet Union, USA is less important for European Countries.
    Economically too : After second World war USA was the only big market, now there is 3 big market, far east, Europe, North America. And we have Euro , Germany export as much as USA, and with France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands we export twice than USA.

    About war on terror, we fight Islamism well before USA did it.

  2. I think that JLS’s comments are good. As a US citizen, I think that the primary issue between France and the US has been the invasion of Iraq. As is now clear, certain individuals and groups of individuals at high levels were collaborating with Saddam Hussein to corrupt the oil-for-food program, and French companies did business in Iraq. As a result, the motivation for French opposition to the invasion of Iraq is obvious in that the illicit activities would be and were exposed; and French businesses legitimately trading with Iraq stood to be pushed aside in favor of US companies.

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