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  1. David,

    The forums seem to be afoe’s best kept secret. how about a little marketing: a link to them on the main page perhaps, or even an automated summary of the activity, or a tickler of some kind – thread titles with most traffic…

  2. Since the forum is for members only I pose my question here:

    Do the national constitutions allow the EU-constitution?

    After I read in Paul O’Neill’s book “The Price of Loyalty” that only short before the US presidential elections of 2000 the republicans discovered that the US constitution did not allow a president and vice-president from the same state (so they started looking for a new home for Cheney) I am not so sure that this subject is addressed while writing the EU-constitution.
    In “Socialisme & Democratie”, the magazine of the scientific bureau of the dutch social democrats (with very little influence on the policy of the party itself btw) university teacher of international law Frank de Vries raises the question if the article 10 of the EU-constitution does not conflict with the Dutch constitution. So there is doubt for the Netherlands. I am afraid that there is a big change that at least in one of the 25 members of the EU there is going to be a real problem.
    I can not really judge this. Anyone at AFoE who can shed some light on this?

  3. Well, Frans, then the Dutchs only need to amend their Constitution. In Spain we amended our Constitution to adapt it to the Treaty of Maastrich.


  4. To change the constitution, according to aerticle 137 of the constitution we need a majority in parliament, elections and then a tqo third majority in parliament and senate combined.
    What is difficult for me to judge is wether article 10 of the EU-constitution conflicts with our constitution.

  5. Since the forum is for members only I pose my question here

    The forum let me register as a member, so it doesn’t seem too picky. What is the problem registering the question there?

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