Força Barça

“I suggest you blog Barca vs Chelski later this week, in order to disperse the fog of wonkishness that hangs over AFOE.”
Alex Harrowell

Well, to please Alex even if it will please no-one else, I will. I have just two wordsto say: Leo Messi.

However I must admit not everyone sees it this way:

Jose Mourinho has branded Lionel Messi a master of the dramatic arts after the Argentinian teenager claimed centre-stage in the latest chapter in Chelsea and Barcelona’s bitter Champions League rivalry.

That sounds to me, if you will pardon the expression, a bit like sour grapes. I would rather agree with the appraisal of the AFP journalist who says:

Messi, whose diminutive stature and intuitive application of outstanding technique have invited comparisons with his compatriot Diego Maradona, was the inspiration behind a 2-1 first leg win that makes the Catalan club strong favourites to advance to the last eight.

So well done there. But perhaps a few more words are in order, words like, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, or Samuel Eto’o. But then perhaps, and just to try to show that I am not simply your ordinary common-o-garden biggot, why not other names, Diego Forlan, for instance, or Juan Román Riquelme (I am what they call here a Riquelmista, but then Román was too big for Barça, he needed his own team, just to himself). Or more words, like Juninho Pernambucano (the assasin, for the lethal nature of his free kicks, not for his phsical prowess), or those other words, Thierry Henry who this week showed Ronaldinho that ‘anything you can do I can do better’ when he introdced himself to the ‘grandesa’ of the Bernabeu in his own unique way (and in the process probably upped his future Barça sign-up fee by a couple of zeros).

So now, as well as being breathless, I also find myself to be wordless, apart, perhaps for one last final gasp:

Visca el Barça!

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2 thoughts on “Força Barça

  1. Well well,

    This is not over before JT (John Terry for Chelsea illeterates) breaks Messi’s and Barca’s spine in two weeks :).

    Mind you, Wednesday in two weeks will be a blue day!

    (from an avid Chelsea fan!)

  2. That was one of the worst tackles I’ve ever seen in a football match. Mourinho needs to grow up and put all the crap about getting it overturned and Messi suspended and the flux capacitor reversed away.

    He can field a B team in the return leg if he wants, but he’s going to look an utter prick at 7-0 down.

    This reminds me: Barca=wingers, no?

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