For Long, Cold Winter Nights,

there’s probably nothing more stimulating than brushing up one’s legal knowledge about the EU by reading a fistful of accession treaties including all appendices to the annexes IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII and XIV in their entirety (pdf) – via (German).

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German, turned 30 a while ago, balding slowly, hopefully with grace. A carnival junkie, who, after studies in business and politics in Mannheim, Paris, and London, is currently living in his hometown of Mainz, Germany, again. Became New Labourite during a research job at the House of Commons, but difficult to place in German party-political terms. Liberal in the true sense of the term.

His political writing is mostly on A Fistful of Euros and on facebook these days. Occasional Twitter user and songwriter. His personal blog is almost a diary. Even more links at

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  1. Tobias
    I worry for you, I really do, can I suggest the annexes to the Constitutional Convention, to tide you over the dificult 3am-5am slot

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