Failed Saving Throw

Gary Gygax died in Wisconsin, age 69.

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3 thoughts on “Failed Saving Throw

  1. On one of the longer memorial threads, there is a proposal for gamers to chip in and build him an elaborate tomb, filled with all manner of devious traps…

  2. …with fake doors that when you open them shoot out super poisoned spears at you, causing instant death unless you rolled a natural 20 or something. Man, that was like almost 20 years ago and I still remember the goofy illustration in the original module of an about-to-be-speared knight (or whatever) who’s just opened an unlucky door.

    Also a long time back I heard some rumors about how GG bought himself an old house out on an island somewhere and lived in, dressed in Magic User robes morning to night. So he might already have that tomb.

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