Exit polls: Yushchenko wins

KIEV, Ukraine (Reuters) – Exit polls in the re-run of Ukraine’s presidential election Sunday said liberal challenger Viktor Yushchenko had beaten Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich by a wide margin.

Yushchenko, who called crowds of supporters into the streets to denounce cheating in the last poll, scored 56.5 percent to 41.3 percent for Yanukovich, according to a poll by the Kiev International Institute for Sociology and the Razumkov Center.

A second poll, by the Center for Social Monitoring, gave him an even wider lead — putting his share of the vote at 58.1 percent and Yanukovich’s at 38.4 percent.

3 thoughts on “Exit polls: Yushchenko wins

  1. i wanted to share this with you. it is about putin. the focus is on that look that george bush says revealed the man’s soul. i guess he got a black eye in this election. the ukraine victory is inspiration for all ‘budding’ democracies.


    will democracy come to north america? congratulations.

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