Eurovision 2nite ZOMG

I’m tempted to liveblog, but I plan to drink, so maybe not.

Quick: in the few hours that remain, who’s your favorite? The bookmakers’ favorites are Russia, Ukraine and Greece. Me? I like those Latvian pirates, and hell, Romania’s always pretty good. Okay, a kind word for Armenia too. Bring it.

Who’ve you got?

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American with an Irish passport. Does development work for a big international donor. Has been living in Eastern Europe for the last six years -- first Serbia, then Romania, and now Armenia. Calls himself a Burkean conservative, which would be a liberal in Germany but an unhappy ex-Republican turned Democrat in the US. Husband of Claudia. Parent of Alan, David, Jacob and Leah. Likes birds. Writes Halfway Down The Danube. Writes Halfway Down The Danube.

1 thought on “Eurovision 2nite ZOMG

  1. No idea, but I’m intrigued by the fact that Frankfurter Allgemeine is giving the event wall-to-wall coverage on its website. German Bildungsbürgertum isn’t what it used to be! 😉

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