Europe’s Hour Has Arrived

The European Union has assumed responsibility for the peacekeeiping mission in Bosnia.

A new force called EUFOR that numbers about 7,000 troops will enforce the Dayton peace agreement that ended the bloody Bosnian war in 1995.

The change from NATO to EU on Thursday begins nearly nine years after NATO deployed 60,000 forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in what was the alliance’s first peacekeeping operation.

Good luck. And here’s hoping that Mladic and Karadzic are brought to justice.

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3 thoughts on “Europe’s Hour Has Arrived

  1. Hopefully, the mission will be done with commitment, rather than an alibi attitude. This should be made a success.

  2. A success in what?
    Among the things Bosnia needs may be troops, but they are surely not sufficient and not really the problem.
    Were Europe really committed to sort this out, opportunities would already have been there.

  3. Which side will the EU be on? The Muslim terrorists or the non-muslim terrorists? This is a situation that crys out for the Montefort Soultion.

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