Europe: Show Us Your Pajamas!

The Satin Pajamas were a real hoot for me, frankly. Had the 1st Annual European Weblog Awards been submitted to a jury of ?experts,? there?s a general feeling among us Euros in the Fistful that a well-known site like Crooked Timber would have won. And frankly, that would have been boring as hell.

Instead, the vote went the way it should have: It became a popularity contest, and an occasionally crass one at that, amidst a miniature orgy of backbiting and recriminations (?snaggle-toothed, accordion-playing hillbillies? was my personal favorite). This ? sorry to say it folks ? is one of the reasons I love Europe.

Owing in part to a furious round of vote-grubbing on the part of both Slovenia?s The Glory of Carniola and Hungary?s Pestiside (let?s not forget, Pestiside started it!), Carniola was propelled to victory, not only in the category that started the fracas in the first place (Best Weblog Focused On A Single Country Or Region) but in the Grand Prix ?Best Weblog? category itself.

Michael Manske of Carniola, rooting for Petite Anglaise in the top slot, asked AFoE to withdraw Carniola from the Best Weblog category, even before the polls closed, citing “religious reasons.” We do not accept his non-acceptance. The Grand Prix Satin Pajama goes to Carniola, whether he wants it or not. We congratulate him: It?s an excellent site, and it won fair and square.

Well? Yes, careful readers may have noticed that, according to Manske himself, “an enthusiastic Carniola reader voted more than once from different computers.” This “confession” came via his comments bin. The matter has been submitted to the members of this blog for adjudication.

A Fistful of Euros decrees: Yeah, and?

Look ? and here?s my personal viewpoint ? this being Europe, I suspect there was a gentlemanly amount of cheating on all sides. Everybody who isn?t self-employed had a chance to vote at least twice (once at the office, once at home). There were Slovene partisans who accused the Pestisiders of cheating, based on its disproportionate votes-to-traffic ratio. Independently, a few excited Pestiside readers accused their neighbors of the same, claiming to have noticed sudden jumps in Carniola?s numbers. Frankly, we have no way of verifying any of this, nor can we know if disqualifying multiple votes would have changed the results. We can?t even vouch for the validity of so-called ?Carniola confession.? And that?s just limiting the discussion to the Hungary-Slovenia flap.

And come now ? ?cheating? is a strong word, no? It implies breaking the rules. And never, to my knowledge, did we post any rules! Yes, for the record, if there’d been anything seriously screwy, like a mass transmission of votes by automated script (can you imagine anything more lame?) we would have noticed it and disqualified the benefactor. That didn?t happen. The results stand.

So, Pestiside wins ?Best New Weblog? and is able to get further mileage out of the bizarre notion of beleaguered Magyars getting stabbed in the back, yet again, by the treacherous Slovenes. And (the deserving, in my view) Carniola gets not one, but two prizes. Everybody?s a winner, it seems.

Everybody, that is, except for Petite Anglais and all of us who were burning to see her pose online in satin pajamas, as she promised she?d do if she won. Thanks a lot, Budapest.

Now for the upshot of this contest: I, for one, am an extremely conservative blog surfer. I usually stick to the blogs I know and those that know me. (Embarassingly, much of AFOE?s own blogroll is virtually unknown to me.) Yet thanks to Satin Pajamas, I?ve been exposed, with pleasure and edification, to excellent sites such Northern Ireland?s Slugger O?Toole (winner of the Best Political Weblog prize). I?ll leave the comments section open to further namedropping along the lines of, ?Golly, I had no idea such-and-such guy/gal/group even existed.?

If I may do so on behalf of AFOE, I?d like to close the first annual Satin Pajamas with the following good-natured message to the European People(s): Chill out!

54 thoughts on “Europe: Show Us Your Pajamas!

  1. >With regards to my Slovene this, Slovenes that, readers at The Glory of Carniola know what was meant by it.

    I just wanted to clarify one other thing:

    I am in no way affiliated with Michael Manske’s blog. Although I do occasionally post comments at Carniola, my opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent those of anybody else.

  2. Although I do occasionally post comments at Carniola, my opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent those of anybody else.

    Thank goodness for that, right? 😉

  3. Mrs Tilton: Having re-read your most recent post (I had only skimmed through it just before due to the indeed nonsensical and nasty insult you tossed my way earlier)?and re-reading my response?I would like to apologize for my indefensible rudeness.

    Please note that when I said earlier it was a pleasure defending myself, I was actually referring to my arguments; I think I seldom feel any allure in defending myself (by justifying my personal beliefs to others or, worse, belittling others).

    PS: I still don?t accept your argument concerning the English spelling of foreign cities.

  4. /=/=/,

    och, don’t worry about it. In turn, I apologise for calling you a rude name. I’m just sorry that what was meant essentially as a bit of fun for everybody generated such testiness. (I still think, though, that on the whole it mostly generated some fun, and hence was a success.)

    You’re right, the bit about the English versions of various foreign place-names was a weak argument (though less weak, I’d assert, for umlauted German place-names). But your indignation at the slight misspelling of a Slovene place-name by an anglophone with (so far as I know) no special knowledge of Slovenia was wildly exaggerated. Annoyance at an omitted umlaut isn’t materially more exaggerated.

    Anyway, let’s call it pax. It is tiresome to get into fights about things that are so insignificant. I hope to provoke more significant fights in the very near future (though not, I trust, with you).

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