Europe Cuts CO2 by 3% in 2008

Perhaps no surprise with the doomflow of neganews slinking catlike through your windows, but it looks like the EU cut its emissions of carbon dioxide by 3% last year. Worldchanging quotes an analyst report that reckons this is attributable to the European emissions trading system. I’m not so sure; what about all the cliff-diving?

However, the target of 80% reduction by 2050 means an annualised cut of 1.95%. Who would argue with a fair wind?

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6 thoughts on “Europe Cuts CO2 by 3% in 2008

  1. doomflow of neganews slinking catlike through your windows,

    I rather like that turn of phrase. May I borrow it to use as my own?

  2. As long as you don’t offer it to the Daily Mail, which is the only copyright restriction I assert on my work.

  3. Wow! If you cut jobs and production even deeper, I bet you could make a lot more ground!

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