Euro 2008 open thread

With the obvious topic being that breathless incredible match in Geneva.  Now while the superlatives like “best match ever” should be held in reserve (particularly given the extent to which the goals turned on simple mistakes — and possibly the Geneva rain), the Turks did a great job, especially in staying positive after conceding the second goal.  Tacticians will argue that the Czechs gave them far too much space down the right wing and left the opening.  Anyway, sorting out who plays goalie in the quarterfinal against Croatia will seem like a minor problem tonight.

3 thoughts on “Euro 2008 open thread

  1. Crazy second half. I am happy for the Turks, but I do feel sorry for the Czech goalkeeper.

    The red card for the Turkish goalkeeper at the end was rather fun 🙂 I hope they have a good replacement for their next match.

  2. Now that I come to think of it, there is one infamous weblog which is going to fear the arrival of the Turks, once again, in… Vienna!

  3. Turkey have the good old Rustu, who is very experienced and was even signed by Barca.

    I think the goalkeeper is not a problem for Turkey, it’s more the rusty defence that have not convinced me yet. A lot of these competitions are won by good defence a little else. Remember Greece — oh, how glad I am they are out. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying watching Greece play football except fanatical Greek fans. It almost amounts to anti-football in my opinion. Good for them they were European Champions for 4 years, but very glad to see their style of football completely defeated, or rather humiliated.

    Turkey vs Croatia. I think I would love to see Croatia win, mostly to annoy the Serbs, but if Turkey win the Greeks will be even more annoyed, which really is a win-win situation. The bottom line is that the Balkans will be represented in the semi-finals come what may.

    But boy, are the Dutch playing fantasy football or are they playing fantasy football? It’s great to watch and would absolutely love to see them lift the trophy, under one condition: they play how they have played so far.

    Apart from that Italy and France send me to sleep from boredom, and I am cheering Sweden to beat Russia bit time.

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