11 thoughts on “Euro 2008 open thread

  1. Austria’s match will indeed matter a lot (in theory) because of their 1-1 against Poland today. If they happen to beat the Germans, the Germans will be out of the tournament. Highly unlikely, though. But a little bit of extra suspense is nice for the game.

    I must say I really enjoyed the Austria-Poland match. Lots of action and running, with both teams willing to go for it. I watched it on French TV and the commentators were very amused as well.

    It’s not always the best teams that deliver the best matches. With all their faults (loads of wasted shots on a basically open goal, plenty of wrong passing choices, overall lack of high quality technical skills, etc) both team’s enthusiasm was refreshing.

    Croatia looked really good in their match and kept the pressure on the German side. Germany started solid enough, but for some reason the midfield was a little “static”. Good game too.

    EURO 2008 started off slowly, but it is getting really interesting.

  2. I think both hosts have tried to play positively even with poor qualification chances — they won’t disgrace themselves too much (and as you say, Austria are not out of it).

  3. Austria-Poland; It was a great game but the officiating was horrible. Both goals were undeserved though the Austrian especially so.

  4. Notsneaky, I can understand your pain 🙂 It was indeed surprising that Webb allowed many fouls and then, all of a sudden, decided to award that sudden-death like penalty.

    But to be fair, he could have given Austria a penalty earlier on in the game as well when he did not. Still, it is too bad the ref had to decide the game for the Austrians.

  5. A game in which 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and in the end the Croats win?

    Nah, just doesn’t have the same ring.

  6. Guy, it’s too bad some idiot defender had to decide the game for the Austrians. 🙂 Hopefully, players will take note and stop pulling (and shredding!) each other’s shirts, ‘cos I’m tired of it already.

  7. Kimberly, I loved the French commentators. They were shocked, in an amused way, that the ref decided to punish the shirt pulling at this moment in the game when there had been numerous similar incidents (they used the hyperbole figure of 400) before this one.

    But you are right, players, especially defenders, should now that there is always a chance somebody goes down in the penalty area in the last minutes. Defend “high”, as they say 🙂

  8. Would it be tactless to recall the thrown 1982(?) World Cup qualifier between West Germany and Austria?

  9. Alex, I think the shame of Cordoba (1978 WC) would be even more tactless 🙂

    A rerun of the infamous 1982 “non-aggression pact of Gijon” would be terrible indeed for the Polish. Beenhakker already went berserk at the Austrian penalty, God knows how he would react to that!

  10. Guy, in contrast, the BBC commentators thought the English ref had done exactly the right thing… They also said he’d done well during the match. They were evidently making the most of their small chance to discuss English performance during Euro 2008. 🙂

  11. I know, I know. It was basically an even match and there were questionable calls earlier in the game. I just wish that the THE questionable call hadn’t come in the 93rd minute, on the last play of the game. There’s just something wrong with that.

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