EU or USSR ?

I just read that a 4 year long investigation of Silvio Berlusconi was completed and that the investigating magistrates conclude that he missappropriated and did not pay taxes on “276,9 milioni di dollari, 9,4 miliardi di lire, 13,5 milioni di franchi svizzeri, 2 milioni di franchi francesi, 548.000 fiorini olandesi, a cui si aggiungono altre somme ancora da “quantificare”. ” According to the investigating magistrates the tax evasion continued for a while following a system “”elaborato negli anni ’80, e da allora costantemente seguito, fino al ’95”. (which means that Silvio was cheating on taxes while he was prime minister).

All in all it sounds like a rather important story wouldn’t you say ? However there was no (zero) mention of this on TG1 (main public nightly newscast) nor does any mention appear on televideo (text news on TV also public sector). Evidently the official accusation (based on banking records) that the prime minister is a megacrook isn’t news.

Which brings me to my question. Is this approach to news more typical of the European Union or of the Soviet Union ?

8 thoughts on “EU or USSR ?

  1. Perhaps, as the beef is with the Italian media not some “EU media” straw man (do EU media exist? Where are they?), it might be better to ask if it is more typical of Italy or the Soviet Union. After all, it is not the EU that owns three out of four Italian TV stations and whose appointees manage Italian state TV.

  2. I agree with Alex. What does this have to do with the EU and much less the USSR? Since Berlusconi is in power, it’s not been the first time the main RAI channel, Rai1, which is traditionally conservative and Vatican-friendly and sycopanthic to whoever is in power (during the Christian Democrats governments, that’s who they sucked up to – the DC owned and controlled Rai1, the Socialists controlled Rai2, the communists controlled Rai3, that tacit but very blatant system was known as “lottizzazione” of the national tv system, now those parties are no longer around it’s just evolved to adapt to new circumstances…), adjusts the news reports accordingly not to “embarass” the prime minister. Check the other RAI channels, check their 24 hour satellite channel, check the other media, you’ll see a different picture. Blame the Italian system and the sycophancy at RAI, not the entire European Union, which doesn’t exactly seem to me to encourage this kind of thing…

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  4. My attempt at wit was unsuccessful. I wasn’t suggesting that RAI is typical of EU journalism.
    In fact I was a bit parochially Italian. In Italy “European” being Democratic, modern, enlightened, etc etc (in the US the word would be “Western”).

    So I was suggesting that, even if the Italian fiscal stance satisfied Ma-astricht conditions, Italy would, at the moment, have trouble meeting EU pluralism standards. A point made by many.

  5. Oops… And I thought it was in earnest, sorry sorry, must be what living under Berlusconi does to you. You are no longer capable of distinguishing parody from reality. I hear that’s a common syndrome around the world these days. Oh well.

    It’s kind of double funny, though, to bring up the Soviet Union in relation to Berlusconi. I think he’d probably have you fined for ?500 for suggesting his government is in any way acting like a communist regime. The duty to keep fighting communism long after its death is his winning delusion, he is very jealous of that privilege…

  6. News about corruption among “verkhushka” – the class of top Soviet officials and politicians – started to appear in the Russian press only in the late 1980’s. The regime broke down soon after.

    In the EU, on the other hand, it’s relatively common. Chirac or Berslusconi are corrupt bastards, so what? Who cares?

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