Elections in Serbia, again

Serbia’s government seems to be collapsing.

The cause is, of course, Kosovo. Most of the EU countries have now recognized independent Kosovo, which pretty strongly implies that they won’t accept a Serbia that still claims Kosovo into the EU.

Last week, the nationalist Serbian Radical Party introduced a resolution in parliament calling on the EU to “clearly and unambiguously” confirm Serbia’s territorial integrity as a condition for further European integration. Since 16 of 27 EU members have now recognized Kosovo, this was not likely to happen. But PM Kostunica’s party went along with it. The other coalition partners in the government, the Democratic Party and G17 Plus, said that they wouldn’t support the resolution. (They said its aim was not the defense of Kosovo, but putting a halt to European integration.)

Kostunica then said that he “no longer had confidence in the sincerity of his coalition partners to fight for Kosovo,” and before anyone quite knew what was happening the government had collapsed.

It’s a bit of a surprise. I expected the government to survive, largely because almost everyone is afraid of new elections. But the Radicals seem to have decided that it’s worth rolling the dice; they seem to think they won’t lose seats and, in the general mood of national funk following the loss of Kosovo, may gain. They might be right. What’s less clear to me is why PM Kostunica went along with the Radical resolution. My best guess is that his nationalist rhetoric of the last few weeks has been so strong that he’s really painted himself into a corner.

Anyway, it looks like elections will be on May 11. More on this in a bit, I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “Elections in Serbia, again

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  2. I’ll be short:

    The Serbian government has spent over 2 years at the least trying to prevent Kosovar independence. It failed!

    If you asked any sensible person they would have told you that this would be the outcome and therefore one can argue that Serbia has lost at least 2 years after something already ‘lost’ instead of focusing to govern its people and progress.

    Since 17th of February, Serbia is wasting time trying to undo something that cannot be undone.

    The next three months they will waste doing the same. Then three months after the elections they will waste trying to form a government to come to the same situation they are in today, ie neither pro-EU nor anti-EU wings are big enough to go it alone and impose their policies.

    Therefore, I consider the Serbian political class to be a rare race of politicians that are capable of wasting years of political progress producing nothing more than stagnation and still being in power.

    Good luck!

  3. Kosovo, independent? Ha! That flag that they “have”, it really speaks to the “Kosovar” people, doesn’t it? This is a protectorate that’s created that’s the result of military aggression and conquest… simple. That’s of course illegal according to every relevent international law. It’s to be ruled by the Dutch dictator/viceroy with the vivisectionist-organ harvesters (KLA) serving as the local enforcers there…

    The Serbians should decisively reject the EU that is guilty of an an act of war and turn completely to Russia. The EU was given a choice; the vivisectionists in the KLA or Serbia, the biggest country in the ex-Yugoslavia. They chose the mafia-vivisectionists. Let them enjoy that choice.

    I hope to see a Radical government in Belgrade and a government that shakes the delusions that the EU created there that permitted traitors like Djindjic to run the place. Many there were told that if they obeyed orders and put traitors in power, that they will get the opportunity to leave Serbia, work in Europe, and that in time Serbia will be showered with EU freebies. Forget it. It was always a con. The goalposts, always shifting, the EU always tell them to do a little more, a little more. They said at one point, through Tadic and such people, that the EU membership is not conditional on surrendering Kosovo. Now, they are told that it is.

    Stealing territory is an act of war and no self-respecting country can make deals with those guilty of such aggression. The West did not respect Serbia since 5 October 2000 because its government was grovelling before it, and people were begging for EU handouts. If there’s a good thing about the declaration of this fake state, it will be a good splash of cold water in the faces of deluded Serbs and a decisive decision to spurn those enemies that hate them passionately will be made.

    I think that Serbs should visit the West more often to see how much hatred of them there is here. Then they’ll vote Radical for sure!

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