Elections in Bulgaria (II)

Last week we posted about the Presidential elections in Bulgaria, which led to a runoff between incumbent center-left President Parvanov and challenger Volen Siderov, founder and leader of the xenophobic populist-nationalist “Attack” party.

Well, a pleasant surprise: Parvanov won the runoff with a whopping 78.7% of the vote, outpolling Siderov nearly 4 to 1. To put it in context, Siderov barely did better than Le Pen did in France a few years back.

Kudos to the Bulgarians.

1 thought on “Elections in Bulgaria (II)

  1. having spent some time in bulgaria and witnessing firsthand a wide array of dysfunctions endemic to the country, i can only say that i am extremely pleased that the idiots do not outnumber the thinking people. if only we could have shared the experience in the states during the 2004 elections.

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