Election Night

The antiliberal collective have a good data thread going on; it’s been interesting listening to the BBC Radio feed on one brain interface and reading actual data on another, an experience that reminds just how conventionalised the news experience is. Based on the numbers, it looks like the EPP-ED parties have held their own and gained a little (this is “a triumph” in mediaspeak), some of the social democrats have suffered – notably the French and British – and the Greens and some extreme-rightists have done well.

But the UK Tory blowout hasn’t happened yet. The Tory speakers on the BBC were trying to make out that their results from places like Norfolk, West Dorset, Elmbridge, and Richmond were spectacular, which sounds good until you realise that all of these are areas which have never had any statistically significant Labour support in the history of democracy. Labour has had one stinging experience, the election of a BNP member in Yorkshire.

I’m sorry.

Well, like most BNPers in office, he’ll probably crash in flames in months. Knowing how some of them managed to fail as local councillors, I really wonder what he’ll do with the financial possibilities of being an MEP. He is giving a truly bizarre speech about the D’Hondt system as we speak.

In France, meanwhile, the Socialists’ ego wars have had their impact, and as expected, the Bayrou wave was a flash in the pan. The PS is down as far as 17%, and the Greens had a blowout night, especially in Paris. This suggests that the wing of the party that supported Dominique Strauss-Kahn has swung Green, an interesting result; he did say back in 2007 that “il faut preparer l’apres-petrole”, I suppose. On the comedy wing, one seat has moved from the FN to the Hunting, Fishing and Traditions Party.

Hungary really has seen a disquieting burst of hard-right voters; the quite ugly Jobbik got almost 14%. And Sweden saw both a Socialist majority and a seat for the Pirate Party, which won hugely in the youth vote. The organised hackers/sinister nazi copythieves, depending on media version, are planning to align with the Greens.

The really weird story, though? The British Tories have won big in Wales, where they have no history or support and whose autonomy they opposed. They’ve shut up about that bit lately.

Update: The Scottish Nationalists are claiming to have won heavily.

Update 2: The BNP MEP: not the disaffected ordinary man they would like, but a long-term neo-nazi maniac.

Update 3: German results: CDU 20 points ahead of the SPD, who are down 3 points. That group is equally split between the Left, the Greens, and minors.

Update 4: Oh dear, yer man from the BNP is on the radio. Apparently he thinks that the test of Britishness is “anthropological”, and specifically “like the population after the war”. Fucking idiot. He mentions the voluntary repatriation clause in the 1971 Immigration Act. Ha. Some people used to request voluntary repatriation under the Act, take their air ticket to Jamaica, and take a holiday – because the Act’s drafters set up that any such action was without prejudice to one’s immigration status. He doesn’t seem to know that.

Update 5: Suggested UK figures – Tories 20-odd, UKIP 17, Labour 16, Liberals 15.

Update 6: Results for London. 2 Tories, 2 Labour, 1 Liberal, 1 UKIP, 1 Green. ‘Kippers in fifth place. A good point from Liberal London chairman Simon Hughes – BNP in Yorkshire has only gained 2%, Greens have doubled their share in the UK.

Update 7: UKIP aristocrat babbling on the BBC about Marta Andreesen. “Wouldn’t sign the EU’s fraudulent accounts”. The UK’s national accounts aren’t externally audited, but then, it was never about that. It looks like she beat Tim Worstall though.

Update 8: Jesus wept, Griffin’s in. Can’t wait to see how often he shows up, how much money goes missing, and what happens when he has to shake hands with Danny Cohn-Bendit.

5 thoughts on “Election Night

  1. Amusing on the Pirate Parliament Pillage. Yarrrr, shiver me timbers, blow the man down! (And so on, and so forth.)

    And yet, I suspect their most laudable achievement will turn out to be having drawn enough of the disgruntlement vote to pinch a seat that might otherwise have gone to the xenophobe party.

  2. >Some people used to request voluntary repatriation under the Act, take their air ticket to Jamaica, and take a holiday

    But such stupid laws is what the far right prey on, isn’t it?

  3. Strange but possibly true rule of thumb: incumbent right wing parties did relatively well; incumbent left-wing parties did badly. So the propensity to get blamed for the crisis is not equally distributed.

  4. This is not yet a question of blame. People are in crisis mode still. In that mode blame and issues of social and income inequality are secondary. Job security and economic growth are primary.

    Hence people vote for the orthodox right to create jobs by any means necessary. That’s what we are seeing. And some people who already have lost their jobs and are turning for the unorthodox right.

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