Edward Hugh, RIP

Unfortunately the dark and cold days of winter tend to bring some untimely departures and this season’s deaths now include our blogging colleague Edward Hugh, who we gather died yesterday in Spain. Edward’s posts here and on other platforms marked him out as someone with the fresh eyes of an economist who had made his own way to an analytical framework that found its ideal subject in the Eurozone financial crisis. The slow-burning demographic strains of which Edward had long written remain even as the banks get very slowly cleaned up, and are of course a subtext to the current migration crisis. Here’s a link to the New York Times profile of Edward from a few years ago which further broadened his audience.  Our condolences to those who knew Edward best.

UPDATE: The New York Times has a nice obituary.

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  1. Sincere condolences to his family and close friends, from a friend and former co-blogger.


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  3. Les més sentides condolences als familiars i amics per la pèrdua d’una persona brillant, afable i estimada que creia en l’economia al servei de les persones i en l’Europa dels pobles.

  4. Thanks for this Peter! Much appreciated. I visited Edward last Easter in his little village in Spain, where we had red wine and discussed economics as usual. He was a big part of a small, but vibrant, community of economics/finance geeks who would meet regularly to solve all the world’s problems over a bottle of red wine. We will still do that, but it will take a little longer to reach a conclusion without Edward.

  5. I learnt a lot from his country analyses. The richness of detail was astounding, as well as the graphs and layout.

  6. Very sad to hear this. He was a true inspiration throughout my time blogging, and his clear writing and analysis has greatly aided my understanding of the Eurozone crisis in particular, as well as the EU more widely. Time to trawl through the archives in celebration of his work – a fantastic contribution that deserves to be read far more widely across the continent.

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  8. Really sad news. Edward was an exceptional character – such an insightful analyst, such an original writer, and such a warm-hearted person. Like so many others, I learned a lot from him, through his (very patient!) mentoring when we used to blog together as well as through his analysis of the world around us. I especially admired Edward’s cross-disciplinary ethos, which always seemed to add some rare extra spark and context to his commentary.


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  10. On behalf of all his surviving relatives in the UK can I sincerely thank you all for your kind comments on Edward Hugh (Edward Hugh Bengree Jones). They are appreciated.

    Kind regards to you all

    Barbara Jones

  11. I am among those who relied on Edward Hugh’s unmatched insights to understand the euro area — and especiallly the spanish bubble and its bursting — both as a blogger way back when and then less visibly inside the US government. My deep condolences to his family. He will indeed be missed

  12. A seminal thinker, a serious European and an all round nice chap. We’ll all really miss him.

  13. As a friend and former blogging colleague of Edward Hugh, I am deeply saddened by his untimely death, and I wish to extend my condolences to his relatives. Que descanse en paz.

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