Dreams of empire (plus bleg for our Turkish readers)

Via Dutch weblog Sargasso. Somebody in Turkey posted the following video to YouTube:

This was picked up by Sargasso and one of their Dutch readers posted the following response:

Totally inane, of course, but I think it is rather amusing.

And now my bleg for our Turkish readers. Is the YouTube video Great Türkic State a spoof or is there something more serious, as in juvenile fantasies, behind it? Unfortunately, I cannot read the comments to the vid, hence the question. I know of Turkish nationalism, but I cannot believe this would extend to… China.

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Update: Huib Riethof has an interesting background article that explains the Dutch video response.

The author of the video doesn’t explain him(her)self. I presume, that he/she followed the same fantasy as the young princess Wilhelmina (born 1880) did during the nineties of the 19th century, when she drew a Dutch imperium over most of Northern Europe, and adding all (former) Dutch possessions in the world (see above).

7 thoughts on “Dreams of empire (plus bleg for our Turkish readers)

  1. Just a note from an Aussie…

    If that video is real then the parts of Australia set for conquering are inhabited by almost nobody. Sure, there are a few thousand in Darwin but we are talking about two percent of the Aussie population here.

    I reckon it has to be a joke. 🙂

  2. I for one welcome our new Brabantine overlords.

    Seriously though, looking at a couple of the other videos that came up after watching that one, I think it’s a satire of a legitimate Turkish ethnonationalist video, one with more modest imperial ambitions.

  3. What Cyrus said. I think some people have far too much time on their hands.

    Basically there is a certain logical progression (mildly amusing, but here it is):
    (1) lands occupied by ethnic Turks (e.g, the CIS “stans”, northern Iran, Turkey, parts of Iraq and n. Syria, and Xingiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.
    (2) lands formerly ruled by Turkish ethnics (or linguists, actually)–hence, the rest of China, the rest of the CIS, sw Asia & n. Africa, etc.
    (3) lands ruled at some time by peoples who where themselves formerly ruled by Turkic peoples–hence, (supersized) Alaska, Poland, and Finland (fmrly part of the Russian Empire), Korea & Myanmar (fmrly party of the Yüan Dynasty in China), and so on.
    (4) Lands in the Islamic caliphate (hence, Malay Archipelago, e. Africa, rest of Iran, s. India);
    (5) Lands that supposedly will be settled by large numbers of Muslims (“Eurabia”, n.w. Australia, and the La Plata region of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil).

    Get it? Hahahaha.

  4. Well, Enver Pasha thought he would create a pan-Turkic empire in Central Asia, with a few German military advisers and the Russian revolution for assistance.

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