Does God love Romania?

It would take a stand-alone blog to track the daily utterances of George Bush but here he is in St Louis today talking about his visits to Romania —

And they had just been accepted into NATO, and the President asked me and Laura to go, and there was 225,000 people, more or less, in the town square to see the American President. And it was raining.

Now, the interesting thing from my perspective was that I was here, and there was a balcony lit in the town square, and I was told this was where the tyrant Ceausescu and his wife had made their last public appearance. And the story has it that he — somebody started chanting, “Liar,” and he realized his power was slipping away, and then he tried to get out of there, and anyway, he was done in by the people. They were tired of him; he was a brutal guy.

And so that was my line of sight. And the President introduced me, and just as I got up to speak, a full rainbow appeared. And it was a startling moment. And I turned back — Laura was like — I went, look, baby, look up there. And so when I pointed up, 225,000 heads flipped around to look at the rainbow. I then ad-libbed, “God is smiling on Bucharest.” And the reason I did is because the rainbow ended right behind the balcony where the tyrant had given his last speech. Liberty is transformative, and it will yield the peace we want.

There’s a lot of Bush’s personality in that little anecdote: a self-serving mysticism, his remembering that he had departed from his script (which must therefore be a rare event) and linking God specifically to political freedom.  One wonders if God left Bucharest the same time he did.