Die Duckomenta – eine Ausstellung

What else can I say? In the words of The Wall Street Journal Europe:

This Exhibit Is No Featherweight, so You Better Duck.

(via Electrolite)

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Scott is a US-raised Canadian living in Brussels with his American wife. His political background is well to the left of centre, even for Europe, and is very interested in immigration, cultural integration and language policy issues. He is presently working against a deadline on his doctorate in computational linguistics and is on hiatus. Wrote Pedantry, also on hiatus.

6 thoughts on “Die Duckomenta – eine Ausstellung

  1. For those unfamiliar with the Lego Concentration Camp and Polish artist Zbigniew Libera, an explanation and photos can be found here.

  2. Bring up one of the pictures in a larger window. If you run the cursor over the artwork, it flashes the words “Please don’t touch!”

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