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Sky is now reporting that all four bombers who attacked trains and a bus in London on Thursday died in the attacks, and that all four were British citizens. (This also implies that we now know there were 4 of them).

The Times has this in its article:

And a 21-year-old local man, speaking at the scene near Colwyn Road, claimed that a group of his friends who are all young British-born Pakistani men in their early twenties had already been arrested today.

The man, who did not wish to give his name, said: ?They?re all normal lads, very, very top lads they are. Police are just doing this for no reason. They don?t know what they are doing at the end of the day. This is a load of nonsense.?

It looks as if Metropolitan Police Chief John Stevens speculation might have been reasonably accurate, at least as far as the actual people who placed the bombs is concerned. Of course even if all this is confirmed there are still very many outsanding question, in particular about the origins of those military grade explosives and the operational logistics planning.

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3 thoughts on “Developments Update

  1. The body of the report doesn’t say that: it says they are now certain the bus-bomber died in the attack and that “Sky sez” the others did (the original Sky report you linked, not the shorter wire one the link now points to, describes the others as getting off the trains.)

  2. @ Alex

    Thanks for that. “that “Sky sez” the others did”

    I think that is what I am saying, that Sky is reporting this, that doesn’t make it true, but they do seem to be ahead on the news here, so they may be working an insider.

    The Sky main story now says:

    “All four suspected bombers died during the London terror attacks, according to police sources.

    Police are due to speak shortly but Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt said three bombers died in separate Tube attacks and one was killed in the No 30 bus blast.

    Detectives believe all four were British citizens, Brunt said”.

    We should know soon enough now.

    Personally I don’t follow Sky, I pick them up via Reuters, AP, or AFP. They follow all the rest, and normally put things up within minutes :).

  3. 18:35 CET. AP have just run this, citing the police directly:

    “Police said Tuesday they were investigating whether four attackers died in last week’s London subway and bus bombings and have arrested one person after a series of raids in this northern city with a strong Muslim community.”

    So they do leave a doubt, but it is a possibility. More to come.

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