Denmark Poll: ‘No’ Takes Lead

The EU observer is carrying details of a poll conducted in Denmark by Greens Analyseinstitut, and published in the Danish business daily B?rsen today (3 June), 39.5 per cent of Danes would reject the Constitution, 30.8 per cent would now approve the Constitution, while 29.7 per cent were undecided.

Calculating roughly, this means of those who have decided, 56% are against and 44% are in favour. Interestingly 63% want the right to vote. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen – the EU Observer says – is reluctant to officially cancel the planned referendum scheduled for 27 September. This is an elemnt I hadn’t bargained on – the people demanding the right to express themselves. This could become a bandwagon which it gets difficult to stop. I guess it is what Barroso meant by ‘contagion’.

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14 thoughts on “Denmark Poll: ‘No’ Takes Lead

  1. The People’s No campaign is putting pressure on in the UK not to cancel. I think Eurosecptics everywhere are jealous of their French and Dutch counterparts.

  2. Yes, this is what I am saying, they made a very important mistake on Monday. I mean even the Italians may now want a referendum, and we can guess what that will be on.

  3. British history has several gruesome instances of exhuming the dead & then ritually executing them in revenge & it?s good to see that this instinct is still present in the British electorate when it comes to European politics.

    The latest MORI poll in the Sun on the European Constitution Treaty shows a healthy majority would vote No, & that a majority still wish to have a referendum on this dead dog of a Constitutional Treaty.

    What a wonderful contagion!

  4. When we visit the site of Thersites we can also read “Indeed &, by continuing with the ratification process, the sorry carcass that is the Treaty will be subjected to further ritual humiliation.
    Kicking a dog when it?s down is pleasurable enough, this could be even better”

    I really don’t see a person glad that now the chance of things going better soon (on any issue) went up. Looks more like cultivating hatred to me.
    I could be wrong of course

  5. Indeed Frans G I did write that & did so to be provocative.

    The history of Britain in Europe is a sorry one, with our membership & subsequent 1975 referendum predicated on a lie told to us by our own politicians. Public records, now released under the 30 year rule, show that our politicians were aware of the real aim of the ‘Common Market’ but that the electorate was sold the lie that membership was about opening up markets for UK goods & to take part in the 1960s/1970s German economic miracle. It has taken a long time for the truth to become apparent, but the backlash is now growing apace.

    Tonight, in the UK, we had a documentary on the BBC about the 1975 European referendum on staying in Europe. The Coordinator for the Yes campaign at that time stated that now she would vote to leave because Europe has ‘gone too far’. The vote Yes campaign was funded by the Banks, other large businesses & the European Commission as stated on this programme by the Treasurer of the Vote Yes campaign at that time. The Vote No campaign was shambolic & amateurish.

    The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe is seen by the majority in this country as unacceptable &, for the first time in more than a generation, the British electorate might get a vote on this. However British politics may conspire against this yet again & so the majority in this country want to vote — to vote no against the Constitution & probably also as a proxy for the European project as a whole.

    Do I believe that this Constitional Treaty is wrong for Britain? Yes, with all my heart & brain. Do I believe that good things come from European cooperation at a inter-governmental level? Yes. Do I believe that I should have a vote for representatives that are involved in governing both my country & other countries & vice-versa? No. Britain finally might get the chance to vote with all the facts available that weren’t there in 1975.

    I see that your website has a dutch domain name, I am ashamed to say I would not be able to converse with you in your presumed native language. Perhaps you are the model of the ideal European, I know I am not. I suspect I could be called a little Englander & I would not disagree. I believe in free trade, minimal government & self reliance.

    I hope my provocative posting has not annoyed you unduly. Thank you for your consideration & reply above.

  6. As a postscript:

    Looks more like cultivating hatred to me

    Perhaps you could look at it as hating the sin (The Constitution) & not the sinners (politicians)?

  7. Thersites is already taken

    I’m obviously stupid as I don’t understand this comment. I would be grateful if you could enlighten me please.

  8. “Odysseus struck Thersites upside the head with the royal scepter of Agamemnon”.

    Odysseus here would be Michael Heseltine I take it :).

  9. I think David probably means someone else is using the name.

    Ah, in that case I shall edit my posting name, see below.

    “Odysseus struck Thersites upside the head with the royal scepter of Agamemnon”.

    Yes, he did come to a very unfortunate end, although if Homer’s description of him is to be believed: ‘?head was full of obscenities, teeming with rant’ then it was probably justified. I try & live up to the Homeric description.

  10. So your provocation worked out fine Thersites_UK !
    “Perhaps you could look at it as hating the sin (The Constitution) & not the sinners (politicians)?” sounds much better indeed.

    Having a .nl domain name does not imply the site is in Dutch. About 70% of my posts are in English.
    I try to be an ideal European to some extend ( ). I am even in favor of interfering in the internal affairs of other EU-members but I also think we need eurosceptics in Europe.

    “The vote Yes campaign was funded by the Banks, other large businesses & the European Commission as stated on this programme by the Treasurer of the Vote Yes campaign at that time.”
    It is my impression too that the interest-groups most in favour of the EU can be found in *big bussiness*.
    Maybe from this angle you might be interested to take a look on post on limiting the sice of corporations.

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