Damage at heart of Europe’s single market?

Following up on the points made in this post and this one, former EU competition commissioner Mario Monti has a comment article in today’s FT (behind the firewall unfortunately, but his point is clear from the extract):

The single market, a key pillar of the European Union since its foundation, is in danger. Several member states are reluctant to proceed further in building it; they oppose, for example, the services directive. They even try to undermine the working of those components of the single market that are already in place – and oppose foreign takeovers.

Worryingly, the epicentre of this revolt against the single market lies in countries that are at the core of the single currency. The eurozone, in order to deliver the benefits expected from the euro, needs to have more of a single market than the rest of the EU, but already it is getting less. The euro, meant to be the crowning achievement of the single market, looks increasingly like a currency in search of its market.

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1 thought on “Damage at heart of Europe’s single market?

  1. “Damage at heart of Europe’s single market?”

    A single market isn’t created overnight.

    But in the meantime we trade very well, and we’ve had more than 50 years without wars, which must be some kind of record.

    Not bad for Europe.

    Other geographical areas may dream of our “failures” .

    Oh well…

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