Daddy, what did you do at the University?

From the department of cross-European otherness: some German politicians never finished their university degrees. Apparently, this is shocking. To the point where some of them worry about explaining it to their sons, and Green leader Claudia Roth gets hate mail for it.

That said, more than one confesses to having their staff regularly edit their Wikipedia entry to eliminate the stain. Now, that is shocking.

1 thought on “Daddy, what did you do at the University?

  1. They could always try diplomaXpress… with the right frame and parchment no one would ever know.

    Really, who cares… especially in the case of a politician who is judged on whether or not they can acquit themselves in office. Feeling lesser because you lack a degree is really about status issues and other inadequacies of a psychological nature. By the far the most engaging and smart people I know are degree-free. The parchment owners are too often pedantic and a bit boring.

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