Dabic/Karadzic: the power of healing?

It seems self-proclaimed guru Dragan Dabic aka Radovan Karadzic may possess some healing powers after all. At least, that is what some Dutch Srebrenica veterans hope (hat tip Eric Gordy):

Former Dutchbat soldier Johan de Jonge is elated about Mr Karadzic’ arrest. He hopes there will be less focus on the former Dutchbat soldiers now that one of the lead actors of the period has been brought to justice.
“I hope that people’s eyes will be opened now. That they will know we were not to blame. But that there are people who had preconceived plans to exterminate certain population groups”.

As we all know the Dutch government at the time resigned over the Dutch peacekeeping troops’ failure to prevent the massacre of Srebrenica and both Dutchbat, the Dutch military in charge of protecting the Bosnian muslims in the enclave, and the UN were dealt a heavy public relations blow. To say the least.

Yesterday I watched the Michael Christoffersen documentary Milosevic on trial on Arte. If Karadzic turns out to be anything like Milosevic, who tried his very best to turn the whole trial into a charade, I give the Dutch very little hope for redemption. The Karadzic trial will certainly bring the Dutch national ‘trauma’ back into the spotlights, for better or for worse.

BTW, it looks like the Dragan Dabic website may be a hoax or pr-stunt. Several people seem to have discovered that the site was launched on July 22nd, the day after Dabic was arrested. Check out the comments to this post by Eric Gordy. Weird.

Update: According to the editor of the Srebrenica Genocide Blog (see the comments to the post) the authentic Dabic website is PSY Help Energy. Check out the forum. Also, please note that I have included the links to The Srebrenica Genocide Blog for illustrative purposes only.

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  2. Johan de Jonge was one of a group of ex-Dutchbat members who took part in the commemorative march to Potocari this month. Their presence seems to have been unexpected, unexplained and not particularly welcome to at least some of the survivors.

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