Czech Government Falls

The coalition led by Mirek Topolanek was forced out of power last night after losing a confidence vote in parliament, 101-96, over its handling of the economy.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another time in the last 10 years that a government has fallen while it held the EU presidency. Given the present rotation, the Czechs won’t get another chance until the 2020s. Oops.

Topolanek will stay on as a caretaker until Czech President Vaclav Klaus names a new prime minister who can assemble a working coalition in parliament. If three attempts to form a government fail, early elections must be called. What a mess!

3 thoughts on “Czech Government Falls

  1. Regularly they’d vote in the middle of 2010. Considering what the economy might look like by then, do you really think an earlier date ius so bad an idea?

  2. The economy is likely not the reason of the end of government. Various motivations have met. The main opposition party (social democrats) face a huge comeback of the main governing party ODS which is probably caused by good PR resulting from the Czech Presidency. While ODS lost local election during the fall by a very high margin, certain polls now show them deadly close to the social democrats. Little earthquake might revert this trend.

    The ruling majority was very fragile right from the beginning, the election ended 100/100 and the government was built after half a year based on couple MPs who came out of the opposite block. In recent months the same happened to the ruling parties – two Green MPs voted against the government. Finally even two MPs of ODS voted against its party which is likely induced by the president – Klaus. He has very opposite opinions about the Lisbon Treaty and couple other issues and although he is originally from ODS and was elected last year mainly by their votes, he is hiddenly fighting with their current leaders.

  3. The immediate reason for the government falling down was a leaked attempt to force a TV journalist not to cover corruption scandal of a MP siding with the ruling coalition. The government was very weak for months and months and almost paralyzed recently so nobody panics.

    The EU presidency did not play a big role in the decision – the Czechs are aware it is mostly of ceremonial value.

    Most likely future is parliament election in the summer and the current government limping along the way.

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