Culture Bleg: European Webcomics

I came to the webcomic thing late. But living in Bucharest, I can’t easily get US newspapers. So there was a niche waiting to be filled: the three or four minutes I used to spend every morning, flipping through the Washington Post’s excellent comics pages, chuckling over Boondocks or Doonesbury.

These days that niche is filled by a dozen or so webcomics. And, truth to tell, I like ’em better than most of the comics in the dead-tree papers.

(Oh, most webcomics are just dreadful. But with a bit of effort, it’s not hard to find ones that you, personally, are going to like.)

So I’m pretty regularly clicking on Achewood, Rob and Elliott,, and various others. Which is all fine, except… one day I noticed that they were all, without exception, American. (And about half seem to be from California, but never mind that now.)

So, the bleg: good European webcomics?

— I can read French and, slowly, German. But never mind that; let’s make this a more general inquiry. Italian, Dutch, Estonian, doesn’t matter. What’s out there and good?

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14 thoughts on “Culture Bleg: European Webcomics

  1. Well, there’s my own, which has been around the block a few times and has some good stuff in it if I say so myself, but plugging aside: Comixpedia has a longlist of webcomics sorted by nationality which shows quite a few Dutch and other European webcomics.

    I had never heard of Marcel van Eeden. A monument how, exactly?

  2. Well if my previous comment had made it past the moderation process I’d have been able to share some of that knowledge. Let me try again:

    Comixpedia, the online comics Wiki, has a list of Webcomics by nationality. That’s a good starting point even if it doesn’t include any of the comics mentioned so far in the thread, other than mine.

  3. “I had never heard of Marcel van Eeden. A monument how, exactly?”

    I probably should have added “on the internet”. He’s been around forever and is consistently good. But maybe my own enthusiasm for him has got the better of me. 😉 Nice to see others “I” did not know as well.

  4. Volker Reihe’s “Strizz” in the FAZ is a good daily comic about current German politics and society. The jokes are sometimes mid/high brow so a bit of intellectual baggage or knowledge about Germany helps. Personally I’ve found it one of the most refreshing comics from Germany.

    Current comics can be found if you look around at

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