While everyone takes the chance to catch their breath after the twelve days of the Orange Revolution, it’s worth remembering that the political crisis in Ukraine continues, just that the focus has shifted to Parliament from the streets. There’s already deadlock over the attempts to reform the Central Electoral Commission with Yuschenko’s supporters unable to get a majority for their proposals while pro-Government deputies seek constitutional reforms to transfer powers from the Presidency to the Prime Minister. The Parliament has adjourned for ten days, while President Kuchma has asked for more foreign mediation to try and resolve these new issues.

Of course, Ukraine’s not the only country voting this month – as The Argus points out, Uzbekistan also goes to the polls on the 26th December which may cause a shortage of election monitors in both countries – Yuschenko is already asking the international community to send more observers to Ukraine.

Two other countries also vote today in the next week. Romania has the second round of its Presidential election next Sunday – see Alexander at the Head Heeb for more on this – while Crooked Timber’s Eszter Hargittai discusses the Hungarian referendum which takes place today. (edited to correct my inability to remember today’s date – Nick)

6 thoughts on “Continuing

  1. Actually there will only be 20 observers in Uzbekistan. But the pool of potential observers at that time of year is small enough. I would encourage Fistful readers not otherwise engaged to contact their foreign ministries about helping with the mission.

  2. Nick, I had the same problem, thinking today was Dec.13th instead of Dec.6th! Maybe we are too eager for Christmas and all those gifts!

  3. I note the Hungarian referendum failed on participation – both proposals got majority, but than expected (the dual citizenship issue *much* less), and total participation was also slightly less than expected.

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