Charting the European Blogosphere.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure there is a European blogosphere yet, as most blogospheres seem to develop in their respective linguistic markets, complemented by a couple of English language (non UK) blogs operating in the same markets. Thus, the European blogosphere, narrowly defined, is still a rather tiny community.

But even when using the term in a broader sense, our blogroll, assembled largely by David, is certainly one of the better starting points for anyone attempting to discover the impressive diversity of the European blogosphere. But it is self-evident that even the most extensive individual blogroll can hardly give a complete picture. If at all, only a collaborative effort could chart those parts of the European blogosphere not sufficiently visible.

In this spirit, Loic LeMeur of sixapart Europe has put up a (currently private) wiki page determined to draw a sufficiently complete map of the “European blogosphere” (… that collaboration is important in this respect may be illustated by the fact that Loic failed to remember afoe for his list despite our nice chat about the future of blogging in Frankfurt last year ;)).

So have a look if your favorite blogs are already included.

2 thoughts on “Charting the European Blogosphere.

  1. Yes, but you are doing a great job in this tiny community!

    Actually, speaking as one of those national linguistic subgroup bloggers recently diversifying into English, it’s not only language. It’s also the sheer enormity of the English-language blogosphere and other cultural markers too vague to define on the fly. Still, I think there is room for a common platform like the afoe for non-economic, or maybe cultural topics among European bloggers. Was sad to see Living in Europe go…

  2. Great Blogroll! Thanks for placing your comments on Loic LeMeur “European Blogosphere” count effort, so I could find you,

    We know that this lady Europe ‘riding the bull’ is only an old (Greek) myth and the EU Summit today will demonstrate that the lady might have been ‘riding a lame duck’instead.

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