Central European Links

Here’s a depressing but interesting story. More and more Jews are moving to Vienna, which sounds rather hopeful…except that they’re coming from Hungary, to get away from anti-Semitism and people like piece o’work Zsolt Bayer.

Jonathan Freedland, meanwhile, asks his American friends to stop worrying about pogroms in London and to worry more about Hungarian and Polish politicians they find politically congenial.

You’d be surprised how often my fellow British Jews are required to disabuse U.S. friends of such delusions. One leading communal professional recalls a London meeting with an American counterpart, the latter first insisting on a tearful embrace: “You’re going through what my grandmother went through in Russia, with the pogroms,” he sniffed.

Nobody in the UK appears to have noticed that our aerospace/defence national champion is involved in a massive corruption scandal in Austria. A neat use of the radial graph visualisation explains exactly how BAE’s money was distributed around the Austrian political class to help sell Eurofighters.

Remember when the accession states were the happy hunting grounds of the libertarian blogger? Only too well. Slovakia’s prime minister thinks the privatisations were a terrible mistake and the flat tax was a sacred cow that had to die. Further, being a small and highly open economy/a branch of VW-Audi is less fun than it used to be.

And a Bulgarian politician is the target of a fake assassination attempt.