By request: Croatia and the EU

Right, so I started writing something about Ukraine, Russia and Nato. There wasn’t an issue of time and energy for once, but I discovered couldn’t quite decide what I thought. I see some problems with this concept, but will soldier on…

Bob and SK wonders about Croatia’s EU prospects. Croatia is closer than other prospect countries of becoming members, but the Irish no dashed their hopes of a quick entry. France and some other countries stance here seems pretty indefensible to me, but maybe they’ll relent if the treaty woes goes on long enough. A new report points out what we all knew, that the EU’s ticking along nicely without a new treaty, and two or three more members won’t change that. I don’t know at what point there would be trouble, but my gut feeling is the EU could accommodate more members without paralysis than the EU policy elites seem to think.

In any case, I think Romania and Bulgaria would have maybe benefited from a longer wait, and the same is true of most current candidate countries, maybe even including Croatia.

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  2. I completely agree with you regarding Bulgaria and Romania. The incentive to put an end to such things as corruption and trafficking sure did decrease/disappear after being treated with a membership before the union demands for change were acctually fulfilled. The union kinda dropped the ball on this, as far as I am concerned.

  3. I think Croatia is a bit different from Romania and Bulgaria, although Croatia and Bulgaria are sharing the 64th position on Transparency Internationals perceived corruption table.

    Croatia looks to be more integrated into Europe economically, and it is a much smaller country with a prospect of much smaller EU funds at play. (It is not an agriculture oriented economy at all).

    I believe that including another former Yugoslav republic into EU would have a very positive spill over effect on Montengro, Bosnia, Macedonia, and even on Serbia. It would also benefit EU citizens – Croatia is a major holiday destination and I believe that even such tourism brings people closer.

    All in all, I believe that there are few risks on the EU side, and the capacity to embrace another candidate would also show strength in these troubled times.

  4. Since the Treaty of San Stefano signed March 3, 1878 Serbian Nationalism, Radicalism, Chauvinism and Irredentism, continuously, systematically, persistently and tenaciously killed and eradicated tens of thousand of Innocent Croatian, Bosnian and Kosovars every year. The West Europe did nothing to stop them but supported them and is as guilty as Serbs.
    Thanks god this stopped on 1995-2000, and now there is some hope that this would come to a halt. But the geopolitical strategy of France and west Europe is to favor Serbian in expense of the others. The objective of Paris-Belgrade-Moscow Axis is to recreate the Greater Serbia, with the aim to control the central Europe.
    For Croatia, Bosnia and Kosova it isn’t a good idea to join the Divided EU controlled by France and Russia.

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