British blogging round up

If you’re interested in finding out what British bloggers are talking about then you’ll probably find Tim Worstall’s first BritBlog Roundup rather useful. He’s hoping to make it a weekly event, similar to other blog roundups like the Carnival of the Vanities, and if you want to contribute or be featured then you can find details here.

3 thoughts on “British blogging round up

  1. Speaking of British blogging, what’s your problem with Lenin’s Tomb? It is one of the most-read European blogs, was recommened by both me and talos of histologion, yet it was ignored in the Satin Pajama awards and (unlike me and histologion) doesn’t feature on your European blogroll. (And if you link to Harry’s Place…)

    Staying with British blogging, in the Humor category, I’d add The Curmudgeon.

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