Brass Crescent Awards from alt.muslim

In addition to our own European blog awards, I note that via Crooked Timber (and in turn from The Head Heeb) the people at alt.muslim are taking votes for the First Annual Brass Crescent Awards. This selection of blogs and posts on Islam or by Muslims offers some much needed diversity in the discussion of Islam-related topics. Several blogs from our blogroll have been nominated under various headings (primarily Best Non-Muslim Blog), including Abu Aardvark, The Head Heeb, Amygdala and Informed Comment. One Fistful of Euros post (full disclosure: by me) has also been nominated in the Best Post category. It seems a little strange to be classed as part of the “Islamsphere”, but it’s not a badge I’m bothered to wear.

By all means, go over to alt.muslim and take a look at the nominated posts. Getting some sense of the breadth of Islamic opinion and of the perceptions of Muslims is something I would consider near to a civic duty these days, and I think they have assembled an excellent collect for those interested in doing so.

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Scott is a US-raised Canadian living in Brussels with his American wife. His political background is well to the left of centre, even for Europe, and is very interested in immigration, cultural integration and language policy issues. He is presently working against a deadline on his doctorate in computational linguistics and is on hiatus. Wrote Pedantry, also on hiatus.

11 thoughts on “Brass Crescent Awards from alt.muslim

  1. Aziz tld us in acomment four days ago. I didn’t feel like making a shill post follow another when no one had posted anything substantive for days.

  2. I had some of the same thoughts. I did try to minimise the shillhood, but I thought we ought to link to alt.muslim while the iron’s still hot and that failing completely to mention that one post from here was nominiated would be false modesty.

  3. Brass Crescent for calling Daniel Pipes swine.
    What a feat. That’s really something you can be proud of, Scott.

  4. I’m not really sure, in the current context of things, that being nominated a “dhimmi” blog is a good thing.

    EURSOC does such a much better job than this blog in the critical analysis area, which is probably why it will never receive a “bronze crescent”.

    And getting nominated for an award for your un-analytical hate-strewn bile-filled rant against Daniel Pipes pretty much sums up why you are, at best, an amateur Scott.

    Enjoy the award.

  5. As I recall the post in question it did a fine job of exposing Pipes’s shitweaseling ways.

    But we are intrigued to infer that there is are professional Scotts; maybe even a whole pro league? Who would ‘ve thought the old world would have so much stuff in it?

  6. Thank you Traveller. You are exactly the kind of person one can take pride in being disliked by: a professional ass, rather than a mere amateur. It really is a pleasure to know one is competitive in pissing off blowhards of your quality.


    Ah, this is cathartic. I haven’t had a chance to really insult someone in a while.

  7. What has happened to this lovely Blog? There is simply no longer any substance. I do not mean to disparge this post, but what is the point of my visiting any longer?

  8. Traveller, how does being praised by Muslims for championing their issues (in debunking one of their enemies) make the author a “dhimmi”? This is no more than a jibe by Muslim-bashers against anyone who refuses to be a Muslim-basher.

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