Our blogroll got a major update for the first time in a good while, which might be a good occasion to to ask if anyone knows any blogs you think belong on our blogroll.

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  1. Moon of Alabama (the site where former commenters – including a lot of Europeans – of Billmon’s Whiskey Bar regrouped).

    Booman Tribune, an internationally minded spinoff of dailyKos.

  2. I know I rarely touch on matters European (yet). But I do belive you have a section for that.

    I’d be honored for Desert Island Boy to be on your blogroll and offer a different perspective for your readers.


    May I also nominate Babbling Bahrania who has been linked to by The Guardian.

  3. I think there’s a lack of spanish blogs over there. Please, have a look to:

    – Barcepundit (as well in english)

    – HispaLibertas

    An the libertarian metablog Red Liberal

    I’m sure those blogs would be interesting for any of AFOE readers who are able to read spanish.

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Our blogroll is meant to be a sort of mini-directory of good european blogs. I’m always looking for blogs to add, so I thought I’d ask for sugggestions. I?m especially interested in blogs with an European perspective and ones covering the politics of a European country or region, but any good blogs are of interest, even non-europeans.

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  1. Well, the “Living in Europe” summary to the left is a while out of date, so it might be worth fixing that while you’re at it.

  2. Thanks Aidan for pointing that out. The summary is taken from their RSS stream. I’ll change that asap.

  3. At the risk of sounding self-promoting, a number of my colleagues at are Europeans, and I think that Fistful readers might find what we do interesting….

  4. A few good ones that don’t seem to be on the roll: (apologies if they are and I missed them)

    Lex Libertas (American in Russia)
    Alaskan Bulgarian (Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria)
    Plep (U.K.)
    G.A. Cerny (Czech Republic)

  5. Hi,

    we’ve got a blog on sicilian life and culture, coming from the perspective of a sicilian and a cypiot that met and currently live in the uk (but want to go to sicily). Not to overtly political (although there are some clear undertones) but I think in general fun – appreciate any mention.



  6. My blog is a mix of politics, law & tech. I’m based in Edinburgh, UK and blog on National (uk), european and international politics. I’m a law & politics student at Edinburgh University. I’d appreciate the link if you think my blog worthy…

    N.B. The Politics section is at and has it’s own RSS and Atom feeds if that would be a more appropriate inclusion – the homepage aggregates the law, politics, tech etc. feeds.


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