Blogroll bleg

We’re looking for a few good blogs.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have noticed our blogroll is changing. We haven’t cleaned it in a while, and link rot has set in — some blogs have stopped posting, some have moved, some just aren’t around any more.

Cleaning the links is the first step. The second is to find exciting! new! blogs to add to the roster. For this, we could use your help.

So: we’re looking for interesting blogs about matters European. Cast your nets wide, readers — we’d rather have too many links than too few.

For your convenience, our categories are listed below the fold.

To Our Left
To Our Right
Way To Our Left
Way To Our Right

Central Europe
Southeastern Europe
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
The Isles

Life In Europe:
— Academia/Science
— Economics
— Lawblogs
— Media

Linkers of Wonderful Things
Slice of Life
Tech Stuff

In French
In German

And last but not least, Unsorted.

Not Europe
— International Politics
— International Economics
— Middle East Politics
— US Politics
— Unsorted

Not Weblogs
— Magazines
— EU News sources
— Scholarship
— EU Resources

Obviously some things might fit under more than one: a photoblog in French about life in Paris might go under three categories, a blog about Latvia from a left-anarchist perspective might go under two. Tell us where you think something fits best, and we’ll try to figure it out.

Post your suggestions in the comments thread, and thank you very much!

10 thoughts on “Blogroll bleg

  1. Right, here you go – I’ve been knocking together an EU blog directory for the last week or two, and have literally just finished the initial compilation, so it’s now live. Basic, but live.

    I’m also working on an EU blog/news RSS compilation via Netvibes, which will hopefully prove useful – it’s also a bit more comprehensive and wider in focus than the directory, which is very much EU politics blog specific.

  2. I do some commentary on Montenegro and other parts. However you’ll have to wade through posts on Rick Astley as well, and I’ll understand completely if you’re just not prepared to do that.

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