Bloggers on the Paris riots?

We would like to be the go-to blog for all things European and political, but we’re obviously not quite there yet (to my great annoyance). There’s little point in commenting if you can’t add anything to what the mainstream media is already offering, and we don’t necessarily have any special expertise or insight here. We also have work to do. I for example maybe have something to say, but hardly something so valuable that I can ignore tomorrow’s deadline.

Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone know any francophone or especially anglophone blogs or websites that does provide quality coverage of the riots, and does compliment the MSM?

I will say ( through gritted teeth) that our leftwing counterpart European Tribune does add value here, though I find some wrongheadedness in their takes on the riots (wish I had time to elaborate).

And the Wikipedia article is better as a primer and summation of the facts than any newpaper article.

15 thoughts on “Bloggers on the Paris riots?

  1. A propos… talk about proactive:

    Although struggling with worsening urban violence, President Jacques Chirac’s ruling conservative party found the time to make sure it came out on top in Internet searches on the rioting.

    Claus, what was saying before it got busted?

  2. “Spain and many other Countries”.

    Very unlikely in Spain from everything I can see here. I think it is important to remember that most of the young people involved were born in France. In Spain and Italy etc inward migration is a recent phenomenon, not going back much over 5 years in any significant numbers.

    I think essentially this is a French issue (in the sense that you have to look inside France for the dynamic).

  3. ¡No Pasarán! possesses staunch, unmistakable, long-standing biases against France, Europe, and especially Muslims. (I believe it was, and possibly still is, co-authored by the proprietor of “Merde in France.”)

    Other than that, it’s been a stellar source of information.

  4. To Michael S;

    It literally provided minute to minute reporting on the events alongside comments on events and reflections on the media coverage. I don’t know really why it got scrapped?!

  5. Do you really think it’s a French issue, Edward? It has already spread by Germany, and although it has not launch in Spain yet, it’s a risk I would not missappreciate. The muslim presence and implication in Spain has been growing in the last years – if it is a large scale and coordinated effort, we will probably experience some waves here.

  6. I agree with Edward. Spanish muslims are mostly first-generation immigrants, willing to work and stay here. The don’t want to get into trouble, cause hostility against them and get sent off the country. Specially after Madrid bombings, they will probably prefer to keep a low profile. OTOH French muslims are French-born. They don’t fear expulsion and their social situation is completely different.

  7. Gritted teeth David? That’s not very gracious! Though I think we’ll be graciously flattered to be called your counterpart.

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