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If you like AFOE, you can take this survey from It will only take a minute, and will make us and our advertisers happy. If you do, write A Fistful of Euros (those exact words – and spelling) as the answer to question #16.

5 thoughts on “Blogads survey

  1. For those of you who would like to help our efforts to promote progress and democracy in the Middle East, specifically in Bahrain with relation to the situtaion of Ali Abdulemam and, please following this link.

    I realize that it’s not relevant tot he post, and if someone would like to post on the matter, I will gladly swap out. Thanks for your help!

  2. Well, I tried to take that damned survey just to do my bit for a good cause and so on – and then I’m told that they can’t read my cookies with Opera and Firefox browsers both . Well, obviously the survey-completing crowd is Internet Explorer only. I wonder why.

    Sorry if I’m boring you with software factionalism.

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