Blair Points The Finger

Tony Blair tonight indicated that in his opinion the bombings were the work of Islamic radicals. I – and I suppose most other people – had reached a somewhat similar conclusion, but since Tony has access to police and forensic material, his opinion may be worth a bit more than mine is. This would seem to give rather more credence to this earlier report. Whilst London’s Olympic victory does form a backdrop, the fact it was a surprise result makes it unlikely to have been a prime mover for the attack. It is hard to imagine an operation which was this complicated being set-up just on the off-chance. The G8 obviously seems to form a much bigger part of the picture. And I had forgotten entirely about this, until reading Juan Cole woke me up to the possible connection. The trial started on Tuesday.

Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri has appeared in court at the start of his trial on terrorism charges. The 47-year-old, who denies any involvement in terrorism, has been held at Belmarsh prison since May 2004.

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14 thoughts on “Blair Points The Finger

  1. If Juan Cole is right would this not imply that the European Bin Laden followers chose their targets and dates on their own (without instructions form OBL)?
    Make things even harder to handle.

  2. Blair has just won the olympics- all of Britain is fully behind Tony Blair. Now all of a sudden London is attacked ; Tony can use his olympic goodwill to rally all of the British people to support him in his next endeavour of joining Bush and the American government in attacking Iran.

    The anti-war Brits would never have supported another pre-emptive strike on another country; now however with all the olympic hoopla and the attack in London (staged ?) all the Brits are all pumped up and ready to retaliate against Bush’s axis of evil.

    Furthermore France’s President Chirac and Germany’s Chancellor Schroeder are both extremely weak right now and are unlikely to be able to mount new resistance against Bush/Blair in a new war against Iran.

    I think this London attack should be very closely investigated- I think the stage is again being set for more war and confiscation of oil on the planet. Iran is next.

  3. I wish it was al-Masri mob, but I doubt it. They, at least, have been pretty extensively penetrated by the security services. As for it being ‘staged’ … who by? The Bilderberg 12 foot lizards?

  4. “European Bin Laden followers chose their targets and dates on their own”

    From the details of the trial that is currently taking place in Madrid, this would appear to be the case. I’m no expert on these matters, but what we call qaeda seems to be a loose ‘coalition of the willing’. Unfortunately all the ranting means that even people who follow these matters as closely as possible are still rather ignorant about many of these kinds of details.

  5. i m really inconfortable when i ear Blair/ Bush talking about barbarians after killed thousand innocent (perhaps 100,000) of iraki with their cold-hand. how many thousand of children/women body/ heads, arms were rottening after US/UK attacks ?

    i’m really worry than it s just the begining, thousand of these “barbarians’ professionals will come back to europe (and in france for lot of them) very skilled as soon as Us army will leave or stop to occupying them in irak. it could be like the return of the “afgans” in algeria.


    we will pay a huge price for this anglo-saxon war !

  6. “I wish it was al-Masri mob”

    I think no-one at this stage really knows who it was, and I think prudence is therefore in order. Better to await developments. The point about al-Masri is that Al-qaeda has a history of associating attacks with symbolic issues like the trial – I think I am right in saying that the first world trade centre attack was an example. Obviously it would be strange if people around him who were under surveillance were implicated. But that he sympathises with those who did this, and they with him, this is much more likely.

    Again, I repeat, we need to study carefully the evidence being presented in the Madrid trial, which unfortunately has not been receiving the coverage it merits. If you look at the people involved, how they organised, where they come from etc, you can begin to get a fuller picture.

    Following on from this, I would say that the important question, in terms of assessing where we are, is whether this was perpetrated by ‘old’ or ‘new’ generation. That is, were they recruited and trained prior to the start of the Iraq war or subsequent. This is part of the information I would be looking for.

    The Madrid people were from wayback, nothing to do with Iraq directly at all really. They had been coalescing from the early ninetees onwards. Maybe the key date for this is 1991 and the arrival of US troops in Saudi. This launched the first wave. This became their first campaign.

    If you look at the people who were in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechenia then seem to become important. For Spain and France what happened with the GIS in Algeria would be more to the point, and then, of course, the knock-on impact with Morocco, where the continued existence of Ceuta and Melilla as part of the Spanish State and Spain’s support for the people of the Western Sahara (absolutely justifiable, but again oil rears its ugly head) give more campaign material to the fanatics.

    As to whether we are now to expect another, post 2003, wave, my feeling is that it may still be too early, but this is just guesswork.

    In general I think if we could move on and recognise that there is no ‘one issue’ here it might be helpful.

  7. “i’m really worry than it s just the begining”

    Fredouil, I both strongly disagree with you and agree with you (about different points). I am putting it this way, since I think now is a time when more than ever we need to be united.

    Perhaps it is too much to hope, but maybe one side-effect of the fact that the G8 was part of the ‘issue’, would be that we might put the old wounds of the Iraq war behind us, and get down to defending the values (and the lives) which we all care about.

    Now firstly, I reject outright the idea that Iraq was simply an “anglo-saxon war”. This issue has already been widely debated on this site, and I don’t intend to re-open that here, now.

    “how many thousand of children/women body/ heads, arms were rottening after US/UK attacks”

    I am sure many innocent civilians did die in the bombing associated with the war (although nowhere near as many as you suggest). This is a tragedy. I am also sure that innocent civilians die as the result of military errors on a continuing basis. This again is a tragedy.

    But let’s please not (even for one moment) lose sight of the fact that the majority of the innocent deaths in Iraq today are being caused by the atrocities perpetrated by Al-qaeda. I think it is very important that as we remember the dead, and tend the wounded, in London that we also have in mind those innocent victims in Iraq, Pakistan and many other Muslim societies were OBL and his allies are waging battles for control. In fact we in the ‘west’ are not the principal targets, Al-qaeda opponents and enemies inside the world of Islam are.

    So going back to your preoccupation that this may be just the begining, this is where I agree with you. I have already posted drawing attention to the accumulating evidence that Iraq may be re-inforcing and strengthening Al-qaeda, here

    and here

    If this view is confirmed we will need a radical rethink about how we may effectively address the issue of international terrorism. I am sure that our police and security services are doing a tremendous job – there is simply just no possibility of 100% cover. It is the other leg of the policy – the one that should be cutting the ground from under Al-qaeda, by drying-up its recruitment channels, that worries me. This is the big issue we need to address, and it is here that we need the maximum possible unity.

    I heard George Bush on the radio this morning talking about how they were working away in Gleneagles on the important questions of poverty and climatic change. I hope my low expectations are confounded and that we do see some major new initiatives. If we don’t I think this type of approach is to play with fire.

  8. When i read you talking about fithing “Al-quaeda” its remind me Cervantes.

    you need an enemy, but what is “Al-quaeda” ??? nothing “Al-quaeda” does not really exist, the name was invented by FBI because they didnt had any name for their enemy.

    What s you are naming “Al-quaeda” is a cultural shift, a way for a king of fundamentalism and revenge against Western barbarians, it not about person. you are missing the target.

    look in irak, look in the Shiite part like Bashra, the religious control everything, in the taliban way, who won ??? who control ??? it is the place where the british soldier are ? isn’t it ?

    you can not fight them with weapons or security, they are not an army.

    the only way is trying to make them more happy in their life, and supporting all the dictature in the arab world, supporting injustice of the palestinian, inviding Irak, be arrogant enough to refusing the atomic bomb to Iran is not the way to win.

    it s all about arrogance and justice.

  9. But let’s please not (even for one moment) lose sight of the fact that the majority of the innocent deaths in Iraq today are being caused by the atrocities perpetrated by Al-qaeda.

    I am afraid that facts don’t stand firm against perception in this case. The West will be seen as guilty by association in that regard, no matter what we do. It seems to me that occupying for a long time any arab country is a mistake.

    In fact we in the ‘west’ are not the principal targets, Al-qaeda opponents and enemies inside the world of Islam are.

    Do not mistake frequency for importance.

  10. “But let’s please not (even for one moment) lose sight of the fact that the majority of the innocent deaths in Iraq today are being caused by the atrocities perpetrated by Al-qaeda.”

    Are you sure about this or is this what you hope is the truth because sadly i don’t think that this is the true.

  11. I doubt it was Iraqis or Afghans or Pashtuns or Palestinians who murdered people in London. It is important not to take the rhetoric of the terrorist groups involved at face value. What we are dealing with is a dangerous but marginal phenomenon, involving the exploitation of personal inadequates by organizers whose prime motivation is a very specific and narrow vision of Islam under threat, not from US bombs, British troops or Israeli tanks, but from secular values, especially gender equality.

    Sympathizers may buy the claim that this is a defence of the Arab or Islamic world as a whole, and there is no denying the fact that the toppling of the twin towers was greeted with glee in many parts of the world. But it is often second-generation immigrants, North Africans and Saudis who actually commit the murders. The manipulation by ideologues of sexual discrimination of the feeling of personal humiliation and disconnectedness experienced by a small minority of people of Islamic culture should not be confused with a broader cultural and political conflict with the poor of the global south, with the Islamic World, or even with normal supporters of the displaced Iraqi and Afghan regimes. The real obsession at the heart of the Bin-Laden ?defence of Islam? is sex and personal identity, not capitalism or the dead kids in Iraq and Palestine ? which doesn?t mean that we can wash our hands of the blood of the latter by claiming that when we engender genuine political resistance, we bear no responsibility for the suffering that results on all sides

  12. On the day of the bombing we saw a a lot of mayhem in London with trains breaking down, fires burning and buses blowing up.

    However for an attack with more than 50 dead and some 1000 wounded persons there are remarkably few meaningful photos of the event. Where are the dead- where are the seriously wounded ?

    Go to the BBC, Guardian, Independent,CNN and all the global networks and look at the pictures- seems like everybody is relying on the same set of 20 some pictures of the wounded. You have the “incognito” lady with the white mask to cover some apparent wounds; the empty blown up bus where we are told some 10 + persons died; some fuzzy pictures of underground trains which blew up where we are told 30 + people died.

    So where are the full names and addresses and the pictures of the dead ? We must all make sure this is not again some sort of staged attack- it would make a lot of sense to look up all the deceased to make sure that we are not dealing with some MI5 actors who took the day off to pose for pictures and to create some staged mayhem amongst the London masses.

    Also interesting that there were again wild drops in the financial markets right after the attacks; whoever had advanced information of these attacks could have made billions by shorting equities etc prior to the attack. Recall that in the few days prior to 9/11 there were huge trades in the shares of American Airlines and United…

    The Bush/Blair duo cannot be trusted- both these people have lied to the world before with their wild claims of WMD in Iraq and all the staged and fake evidence they came up with to confiscate Iraq’s oil.

    Blair can no longer be trusted- whatever he says or claims is suspect- everything should be investigated- these attacks could have been staged or launched by the English or American intelligence agencies to prepare the Brits for another campaign of oil confiscation in Iraq which will certainly lead to another 100,000 + dead civilians in Persia.

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