“Bild” for Bush

The first European newspaper to endorse George W. Bush ist the German mass paper “Bild”.

“With Bush, we know what to expect. With John Kerry, nobody knows what he stands for, what he stands against, and where he wants to lead America and the world.” So writes Hugo M?ller-Vogg, ex-editor of the more respectable “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

In Germany, this has made the news. It’s not so much the choice of candidate — “Bild” is reliably right wing — but the fact that a newspaper did an endorsement at all. This is not common practice in Germany; in fact, it’s unheard of. Some experts find it amusing, some are concerned. Some think it might be a test run for the German elections in two years.

In this light, I find it amusing that one cannot access the official George W. Bush homepage from outside the US and Canada anymore. Europeans pining for info on the president of the US get this friendly greeting:
Access Denied. You don’t have permission to access “http://www.georgewbush.com/” on this server.

Well. Seems like Dubbya really doesn’t need us Europeans anymore, eh?

12 thoughts on ““Bild” for Bush

  1. Oh, I don’t really want it. No, no. Go away, go.

    I’m just wondering why, is all. I hope to find a silly explanation that makes Bush look utterly stupid.

    Not that he needs any help.


  2. Interesting bit is that the endorsement is quite egoistic:

    Somewhere it says as much as Bush is better than Kerry because under Bush the US will fight the war themselves and American soldiers will die, while under Kerry it would be much more difficult for Germany not to send soldiers.

    At the same time he says the “war against terrorism” is crucial for Germany as well. Just as long as Germany doesn’t have to pay for it in any way.

  3. “Well. Seems like Dubbya really doesn?t need us Europeans anymore, eh?”

    Did we ever really need you? The anti-american rants have an effect on everyone, not just Europeans.

  4. Did we ever really need you?

    If you don’t, that’s great news — Europeans can then pull their troops out of Afghanistan.

    But then, as the Bush administration decided long ago that the country in which al Qaida had its base (n.p.i.) and in which Osama bin Laden might well still be hiding really isn’t important in the War Against Terror, that shouldn’t cause any hardship.

  5. Did we ever really need you?

    If you don?t, that?s great news — Europeans can then pull their troops out of Afghanistan

    Only Afghanistan? What about Iraq, in particular the Black Watch troops just moving into the “triangle of death”, apparently after an American request?

    Or something different, guess who is at least partly financing your deficit? Without having any numbers, a substantial amount is probably coming from Europe. If you continue like that one day we’ll (together with a bunch of countries in Asia) own you 😉

  6. Armin (paraphrased): He forgot about Scotland!

    Och aye. Well, that was just my sensitive nature; I know how some British people react allergically when reminded that they are Europeans.

    Mind you, it would be pretty low of HMG to carry through with the plan to disband the regiment now, after sending them on this mission. I hope they’re not doing it to save on pensions expense…

  7. Allergic about being Europeans?

    Only when the continent is cut off by fog, as the press headline once put it about the murky weather in the Channel. Mr Blair’s former economic adviser, Derek Scott, said only yesterday, signing up to the new EU Constitution would “entrench Europe’s economic failings and drag Britain down too.”

    Curiouser and curiouser, Sam Brittan of the Financial Times wrote in April about our promised referendum on signing up to the Constitution: “A No vote will not destroy the EU but be a signal that over-centralisation has increased, is increasing and ought to be diminished.”

    What makes that especially interesting is that Leon Brittan, his brother, was at one time vice-president of the EU Commission.

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