Beslan, Pt. 1

Just got back from a week in Russia, which was interesting timing indeed. A bomb at the Riga train station the day I arrived. The battle and massacre in Beslan just days before I left.

I’ll have more to say tomorrow, but I wanted to ask if anyone among our readers can find a link to the front page of this Sunday’s Izvestiya (September 5). It was a full-page photograph of a man carrying an injured or dead girl from the wreckage of the school. A beautiful, heartbreaking photo, a modern piet? as sorrowful as anything the Renaissance gave us.

It also got the paper’s editor-in-chief fired by the Kremlin.

Update: Many thanks to reader Michael S. who pointed me to the paper’s pdf archive. The picture is here, and the rest of the day’s powerful edition is here. Don’t miss page 12.

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5 thoughts on “Beslan, Pt. 1

  1. Today’s can be found here (no direct linking possible, sorry) – it may be possible to find the one you’re after on that site somewhere – it was up on the day.

    At the risk of sounding like I’m doing a spot of self-promotion, the media situation in Russia is currently rather worrying – not just editors getting sacked, also journalists being poisoned and arrested…

  2. Thanks! Though after a little noodling about the site, I haven’t found any archives.

    I have a small version on paper from the Moscow Times, which I will have to see if I can scan in.

  3. Izvestiya has a pdf archive. Here’s the September 5 issue. The two sets of files are for national and Moscow editions, respectively.

  4. The girl looked alive to me, since her arm definitely seemed to be clinging to the rescuer.

    Presumably the state’s problem with the picture was it’s failure to softpedal bad news, but no American paper would publish that picture either, because of its resemblance to a very sick kind of kiddy-porn.

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