Berlusconi threatens to go on “fiscal strike”

Telegraph | News | Berlusconi rattled as Left-wing president appointed

I missed this part when new Italian president Napolitano was elected.

Mr Napolitano will swear his oath of office on Monday, allowing Mr Prodi to form his government and end a month of political limbo.

This was great news for Prodi. Now he can form a government. And for lagniappe:

Many members of his deposed centre-Right bloc did not see eye-to-eye with the billionaire during the presidential election. Pier Ferdinando Casini, the head of the Christian Democrats, said it would be a “mistake” not to support Mr Napolitano. As divisions grew, a furious Mr Berlusconi complained that his closest allies wanted to back him “into a corner”.

Sorry, I went all substantive. Here’s what prompted the post.

But Mr Berlusconi threatened yesterday to go on a “fiscal strike” and refuse to pay his taxes in protest at the advance of the Left.

God he’s such a fucking clown. One shouldn’t let his clownishness distract you from to how nasty and destructive he is, though.

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