Belatedly, from Moscow

But it took a long time to arrive because the power went out…

Two years ago, when New York City was paralyzed by a massive blackout, Russian energy officials used the occasion to point out that something like that could never happen in Russia, where the energy infrastructure is entirely different. But by Wednesday afternoon, after a massive power outage at a plant in Moscow left tens of thousands of people without electricity, water, or the Internet, panicked journalists had already begun making their comparisons.

The disaster began late Tuesday night, when a short circuit at Moscow?s Chagino power plant caused an explosion that, in the words of energy officials, led to a cascade effect in the city and surrounding vicinities.

By noon on Wednesday, some 20,000 people were trapped underground in the Moscow subway, with electricity cut off suddenly on at least five lines, leaving some 43 trains stuck in tunnels.
Moscow News

So we’ll be seeing a cover story from Der Spiegel any day now? Nyet likely.

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