Aznar admits he lied


The comments by Jose Maria Aznar broadcast on Friday indicated the government knew on the morning before March 14 elections police were starting to rule out the separatist group ETA, though that afternoon it said ETA was likely responsible.

I guess he figured the truth would come out anyway. I’m sure he would disapprove of my headline, but can’t see how else one could interpret his remarks. Or am I being shrill?

The news reports are unsatisfactory. It sounds as if he wasn’t very apologetic. How did he justify his behaviour?

I’m hoping Edward will give us a more informed take.

2 thoughts on “Aznar admits he lied

  1. He also admitted having taken with him some important secret papers without the new government’s knowledge.

    Original link (in spanish).

  2. “Knew” seems to be too strong a word.

    They only said ETA was a prime suspect, which makes sense. Everyone immediately thought of ETA.

    The fact that they said they had left open the possibility of foreign terrorists shows a wide-ranging investigation. Islamic militants were never ruled out. No one “knew” definitively, after just 2 days, that the muslim terrorists did it.

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