Atlanticism Goes Only So Far

Der Standard is reporting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that “an institution like Guantanamo cannot, and cannot be allowed to, exist for any length of time” and promised to take the matter up with George W. Bush. Those people who expected less criticism from Germany of the War On Terror are clearly about to be disappointed.

It’s a tough move from Merkel, who has been impressively successful in building authority in foreign affairs despite the frankly bizarre position of her government, hanging by a thread from Franz M√ɬľntefering’s ego.

1 thought on “Atlanticism Goes Only So Far

  1. She also doesn’t seem to be exactly taken in by Putin:

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern over the development of democracy in Russia in an interview released Saturday, taking a cooler stance toward Moscow than her predecessor…..Her remarks show she is pursuing a different tack in German-Russian relations than her predecessor,
    Gerhard Schroeder, who enjoyed a close friendship with Putin. Schroeder was often criticized at home for not using his position to help bring about more positive democratic change in Russia.

    In December, the Russian state-owned gas company OAO Gazprom named Schroeder chairman of a $5 billion Russian-controlled venture to build a gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea. Asked by Spiegel if she would use the word “friendship” to describe relations between Russia and Germany, Merkel underlined her government’s more distant stance toward Moscow. “I think the notion of a strategic partnership is more appropriate,” Merkel said. “I think that we don’t yet share as many values with Russia as we do with America.”

    I don’t think we share too many values with the current regime in Russia either, and I don’t think things are going improve much anytime soon.

    I am definitely warming to the woman.

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