Anna Lindh stabbed

Anna Lindh, our foreign minister (and G?ran Persson’s heir apparent) was repeatedly stabbed this afternoon in a exclusive department store in Stockholm. She’s seriously wounded. The assailant is unknown and still at large.

Palme all over again. God…..

Update: According to the latest report, “Her condition was serious but not life-threatening, police spokeswoman Stina Wessling told AFP Wednesday.” Thank God.

Update 2: As far as political implications… It will have an effect on Sunday’s referendum insofar that all campaigning is supended for now. I’m sure it’ll boost the yes side to some degree, (she was a leading proponent, and the anti-establishment sentiment that has propelled the no side might be turned to its opposite) but probably only marginally, at least now that it appears she’ll survive.

Update 3:

I don’t really have any idea at all. Whatever.

11 thoughts on “Anna Lindh stabbed

  1. But Palme was the victim of a professional; this guy seems to have been some random nutter. According to the Swedish papers, he knocked her to the ground first, ran away covered in blood, and threw the knife away as he ran. He didn’t even, so far as we know this evening, inflict life-threatening injuries, though they are described as ‘serious’. Even the Swedish police might catch him at this rate.

  2. Palme most likely wasn’t the victim of a professional, though I doubt we’ll ever know for sure. Pettersson was a violent junkie, a professional criminal for sure, but hardly in the sense you?’re talking about.

    Of course Palme was a legend and an icon even before he was shot, loved and very much hated, with quite a legacy for good or ill, so in that sense it’s hardly analogous.

  3. CNN International is reporting that Lindh has died. No story yet, just a banner.

    German NTV has a story on their front page:

    If your Swedish is up to it, start here:

    BBC not yet reporting; Reuters notes the time of death as 5.29 this morning.

    Bad news all around.

  4. I really don’t know what to say. Belgium’s foreign affairs minister just said on the radio how shocked he was, remembering her as a personal friend… It seems such a mindless, utterly bloody stupid thing to do.

  5. Assuming Petterson did it. I never thought that was established. I remember attending a it of his trial, and thinking “They can’t convict, on this evidence, even if he did it”. All the other details have blurred, though.

  6. My deep condolences to her children and husband, to the world we are going to live in from now on…

  7. I don’t think it was a “random nutter” who stabbed Lindh. You seldom find any of those in Stockholm let alone wandering around NK. At 4pm NK is always a busy store and a whack job would’ve picked someone else at a more convenient exit location. It was either politically motivated or some creep that had a romantic interest in her. Instead of Palme all over again I’d be inclined to say Nicole Brown Simpson all over again.

    We love you Anna…I pray you get justice but the way the police mucked this one up (pixelated face of suspect, no APB, wasting time on a homeless guy…geesh) I doubt it.

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