Andorre, null point, or…

Monaco is voting!

We were going to write something inevitably snarky about the Eurovision song contest (Hello from Minsk!) but Manolo’s Shoe Blog has pictures that are worth many, (Three points for Malta!) many, many thousands of words. (Good evening Amsterdam! Hello Kiev! This is the Netherlands calling!)

They’re here (Our twelve points go to … Turkey!)

here (Good evening Rejkyavik!)

and here (Latvia three points!).

Good thing it only happens (Moldova eight points!) once a year.

(Bon soir Bruxelles!)

(Thank you Finland!!)

UPDATE: Greece is the word.

UPDATE 2: Yushchenko presents the award. Even a cheesy show can have a cool moment. Thank goodness he wasn’t wearing an orange tuxedo.

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3 thoughts on “Andorre, null point, or…

  1. One interesting trend this year was the increased use of national languages in many of the songs. Unfortunately, the winning Greek entry wasn’t one of them.

  2. Oh, the irony in the way the Germans approached the contest this year, starting with kicking off the national party on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn with Melanie C’s “next best superstar” while said “superstar” (Gracia, the German act, had come forth (I think) in the first series of German Idol) was preparing for another old European debacle in Kiew… Germany 4 points! I guess now she’ll do exactly what her title predicted : run and hide ;). Maybe these 4 points answer the last remaining questions about why her producer had to buy her records for himself to ensure a chart entry for this song… even though parts of it reminded me strongly of the beginning of Linda Perry’s 1993 hit “What’s up” … oh, and I bet Ralf Siegel had a wonderful evening.

    One of my favorite quotes about the Contest is from the Irish Times (1998): “Germans have a general, if somewhat unfair, reputation for humourlessness.” Unfair. Exactly. And now we can even make fun of ourselved ;)…

  3. Grave disappointment here in Sweden, as our contribution “Las Vegas”, performed by Martin Stenmarck, only got 30 points and ended up at place no 19. Sweden will actually have to qualify to get a place in the final next year. How could this happen?!?!

    Well, considering that SWEDEN chose to enter a song about an AMERICAN city when competing in the EUROvision Song Contest, we shouldn’t be too surprised that the rest of Europe wasn’t too thrilled. Talk about missing the point… Next year we’re putting ABBA back together and making them do “Waterloo”. That’s in Europe, by the way.

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