And together, they fight crime!

A Vietnamese immigrant, brought from that war-torn country as a tiny child.

A baron, the grandson of a princess, who lives in his family’s five-hundred year old castle.

A widow who once worked for the patent office.

A paraplegic.

A huffy gay man.

A former captain of paratroopers.

A mother of seven.

They are…

…Germany’s new conservative Cabinet.

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American with an Irish passport. Does development work for a big international donor. Has been living in Eastern Europe for the last six years -- first Serbia, then Romania, and now Armenia. Calls himself a Burkean conservative, which would be a liberal in Germany but an unhappy ex-Republican turned Democrat in the US. Husband of Claudia. Parent of Alan, David, Jacob and Leah. Likes birds. Writes Halfway Down The Danube. Writes Halfway Down The Danube.

12 thoughts on “And together, they fight crime!

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  3. It does seem much less professionalized and less corporate-lawyer-dominated than our own government, but does it actually matter to German politics or is it just a figurehead commission?

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  5. “Those are more uniforms than costumes.”

    The fat WWI fighter ace was pretty good at blurring the distinction.

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